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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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sam, a top star is the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer will be extradited soon. will have an update on the officers conditions did said. >> to developments and is scheduled to close tomorrow after 5 are saved when the group plans to do to protest. coming up. >> analyzer and bay area weather, clear skies. let us get an update on the forecast with louisa.
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>> no fog in the the to this morning. here's a look that shot you can see those guys that is also cool of their this morning temperatures are fairly similar to where we're yesterday to they could be the coolest kid the work week than we stirred heated up as we progressed to the week, highs are similar to yesterday's hormone by thursday to be the warmest day. here is a look rain now outside you can see as we break it to the day san francisco starting at 91 degrees, then by 3:00 sunny, cool conditions. back then and the '50s by a clock, san jose upper 60s. we didn't the '70s and livermore topping up around 77. we are still kind of cool in places like santa rosa. much tran oakland upper fifties as a maker way down to the south bay 53 from monday, 53 degrees for
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san francisco. after an highs getting up to the '70s. 68 vallejo. low seventies to send a file, mill valley. 74 novato. keeping it in the '60s to san francisco, san bruno. los 60s along the coast. temperatures are mature '60s and '70s. 63 for richmond. the warmer spots only getting up to 78. south bay a mixture 74 for santa clara valley upper 60s to run view and sunnyvale. gradual warming trend, as you can see we go from the '70's 80's, to the '90s. around the bay mid-60's for the coast. now here's a check on your monday morning commute with george.
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>> thank you, it is a quiet start the weeks to me what we did observe last week is that more traffic on their race these days with the end of summer holidays for a lot of students. we're guessing where traffic volumes all around the bay area. starting with the project, no hot spots so looks pretty good for most commutes here at the bay bridge no delays for the westbound ride or the approaches. and for the san mateo bridge, also easy right here in the westbound direction which is the right side of your screen no problems coming back from foster towards hayward the 8092 is moving well. looking at the golden gate, that is a good rides up 1101 the headlights coming in from iran and the with no delays, the marin commission is off to a good start we do not sienese so trafficked area. the ride of highway 880 on the nimitz, here's a look in
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downtown oakland, this is the north and 800 red river or 980 splits of. deadheads towards the macarthur maze. if you're heading north and 800, for planning to driving up, so far no delays. darya. >> thank you. the developing story the latest on the shooting, a fremont police officer, officer todd young is in critical but stable condition, following surgery on his platter. officer young underwent surgery yesterday. this they did go while it was his second surgery he was also operated on on friday. he lost 60 points a but we're expecting an update on his condition sometimes later this morning in time the man accused of shooting him last friday will be extradited to of minute townie he was arrested in san diego on saturday, not far from the border he made it all away about a block. the block to go there were able to get jim. 20 year-
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old andrew brand coast. he faces two counts of attempted murder of a police officer and two counts of carjacking also charges of domestic violence and kidnapping. he was on the run after being accused of shooting officer young on friday after getting tips they knew he was headed for the border. that's why border patrol and san diego police are asked to shut down. they describe what led up to his arrest. >> as he was coming off the freeway he saw this from the board to males inside there were similar in appearance to the suspects involved in this shooting. while the vehicle coming off the freeway and the license plate came back as the registered from oakland. the suspect was inside the vehicle identified himself as being the suspects in the shooting. he was armed, he had a pistol in his waistband it was loaded. both the driver and the suspect
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surrendered peacefully. >> fremont police chief says he's turned as the alameda county d.a. to pursue all charges possible against renters. he is expected in court this week, we will keep you posted on the story just go to as well for the latest. sentencing has been postponed for two men convicted of killing fairfield city councilman matt garcia pending defense motions for new trials. henry dunn williams as seen here in this video and jeanne allen comes were convicted in the 2008 fatal shooting of the 22 year- old garcia williams encountered have been searching for a drug dealer who cheated him on a $50 deal. he mr. king's car for that of the drug dealer. in addition to the criminal case jersey as mother teresa has filed a $16 million civil wrongful death suit. police are investigating
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several weekend's shootings including one where police were involved. police shot and killed a 42 year-old man they say was holding a 10 in. knife he was apparently trying to shoot himself and no gun officers went to his apartment yesterday after his strained recalled 911 they say he was armed and confrontational. three officers fired shells six jobs. police are also investigating a share in a parking lot that left two men dead and one woman injured it appears it happened when two groups ran into each other this in the 300 block of san antonio car it does not been determined if the cheering was gang- related they're still looking for witnesses. san francisco police to harmon is investigating 12 several steps of copper wire. the stripping of the copper has resulted in multiple car ravages that have affected a lot of businesses and
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residences. previous locations include 4540900 boxer mission street the 400 block of jackson street end the intersection of golf and offer. to oakland of the velma's centers are scheduled to close to moscow. >> santa fe in golden gate child center schedule to close tomorrow. but others will be able to stay open after the city found $2.4 million. a group in the city is protesting the closure is members have taken over one building and are planning a march drop. >> if they will not provide the funding without a fight that we make the fight we will build the movement because this is the sole right members say they will purchase two afternoons in front of the golden gate >> community center> we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. let's take a peek said san francisco, a little bit of a breeze blowing the fed.
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it's clear skies will we back.
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a quick update and your weather forecaster in torn up around the bay area state much warmer for tomorrow when she knows some returns by the middle part of the week. >> we're taking a look at the futures about 15 minutes before the opening bell there are mixed, the dow on an aspect on the up higher on friday, they are mixed this morning. this coming and just as we got some news on consumer spending it crept higher last month did not have much effect on trading. if you look to the numbers that are out personal spending went up by 0.4% in july. a big jump the biggest of four months but personal income was 0.2% in looks like we're still spending more than we are making that report is just coming out this morning. japan's central bank also has announced to ease
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monetary policy that is growing pressure to support the economic recovery. intel announced it is going to buy the wireless unit of german chipmaker ag. intel says the $1.4 billion deal will strengthen its hand in internet connectivity. >> the middle east will be a big concern for president barack obama he is said to formally end the u.s., or in iraq. as was restart talks between israel and pakistan. ed speeches planned for tomorrow during the address. >> we'll be back with more than just a couple of minutes, a live look of side on this monday morning crystal clear up the golden gate where traffic is nice, smooth we'll be right back.
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thet commuter highway 101 north added to the city also looks pretty good. i think we have that shot of&í? highway 84 you. hopefully we will switch back and share the ride there. the ride goes down golden gate fields. this is traffic through the golden gatem bridge and jñnterstate 580 as you head down to the free sure my wade is a good ride. there are no problems run the berkeley curve at looking at your pride at the bay bridge toll plaza you concede the commute here still pretty good one. it has not yet begun to back up. the green
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lights may have already been activated the might have seen a that could just be what we usually see at this hour. metering lights usually take off between 63635. there are no hot spots. the 580 right is starting to get congested but it has not slowed badly.. the only slowly is, i wait for >> thank you lot george. 6:20 a.m. and regular gallon of gasoline has dropped nearly 7.5 cents. it is by half a cent so let us call it 1¢. they show that it is now $2.70 nationwide. you'll never find that here, the average shares $3.60. let's look at san francisco. oakland is at 311 and san jose is also at
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$3.11. cal >> transcends it will keep to its key services. it is closing at $2 million budget gap. they are giving service to gilroy and weekend service will likely remain open during the 2011 fiscal year. they're looking for $85,000 a year in the weekend services for disabled more than 200,000. the officials are still considering more service cuts including the reduction of midday, leet weekend service. >> san jose since can now go on line to get their diplomas. the liberty online program as a new school district sponsored virtual school ended is geared towards independent learners or students who do not do well in traditional classroom environments. the program is free and is open to any student that is between the ages of 6 and 12. >> they formed a major-league pitcher he is one to be arranged. he is basing perjury
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charges stemming from the testimony here back in 2008 about steroids. the clinton never used air raids or hormones but former teammates and trainers have come forward and said he did use steroids and trucks. he was looking forward to having his day in court is scheduled for 11:00 this morning in washington >> it is 6:22 a.m. in the morning and will be back, let's take a live look out side at mt. tam, are camera shows you clear the skies. we'll be right back.
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all come back is a good night for cable television and. >> critically acclaimed new show modern family home six statutes including forceful reporting actor and comedy series.
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>> we're so happy that you have listened to your family. >> the supporting actor for glee, brian murphy picked up his own statue for directing it. >> we is about the importance of our education. so, i would like to dedicate this to all of my teachers. >> this is one of the biggest television controversies. >> the host of late-night is hard to come to los angeles almost a different show. what could possibly go wrong? >> but when there was conan o'brien for best variety series. on the trauma friend mad men at war one but the show featured a few upstate's. top shaft broke a seven year winning streak fort top reality show. >> want to sell really mean it, i really at all have nothing to say. >> the big banks feeder
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>> now realized, and >> and that share rate reporting from a glance. >> it is 626. looking at the golden gate bridge it gets near and son here this morning. this that is coming up in there is not a lot of traffic get on the bridge so it is a big meet so far in the north bay. we'll be right back.
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back the time as 620 night and carried live pictures of the people let the u.s. open and we're 2 seconds away from it. the trading will begin momentarily. the stocks of been trading at a narrow range this morning and here's the clapping. we may be moments away from hearing it. in an earlier report to the spelling cracked hire and it did not do much for
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investors. in fact investors are more focused on this week's jobs report. it is not expected thursday or friday and there is not too much motive and investors to buy but you never know. wall street is an awful fickle this year and nothing says what will decide them to go one way or the other. where the market will go we will tell you in the early hours of trading this morning. terry? >> let's find out where the temperature is spending today. >> it is going to be another cold dave barry of. the fog that we're so used to we're housing some cool temperatures. expected to warm up throughout the week. skies clearing up today and by thursday it could be the warmest day of the week. throughout the day to day san francisco and by noontime it should get into the 60s and say into the 60s early afternoon, by about 66. sunny and cool conditions and increasing cloud, by san jose
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looks like it's a ploy to get up to 74 back down into the 60s by the o'clock hour. high temperatures in livermore today is about 77 degrees. here's your current temperatures still fitting in the 40's for santa rosa. it is about 53 degrees of a little bit warmer than that in san francisco. it is about 54 degrees in san jose and 52 grace and fremont. here's a look at your afternoon highs getting up into the mid '70s and santa rosa and 40 degrees in nevada. it is still 69 degrees and salmon tino and in daly city it is topping off at 66 degrees. over east they were looking at 66 degrees and oakland and the temperatures will stay in the low 70's. one spot today is pittsburgh, antioch and also concord coming in at 78 degrees also on the creek into the upper
6:32 am
70's and we're keeping the upper 60s in sunnyvale and clara valley your seven day around the bay a bushel, each day towards your third day. we got from the '70s to the 80s and then the upper 90s by your third day. now here's a check of your monday morning commute with george. >> thank-you to reset pyridines is starting to build up but the bay bridge plaza, not a problem, with no hot spots, no incidents is on the bridge. likely we're going to be seen heavier traffic only on the bridge but also on most bay area freeways, the traffic right now is highway for through antioch and it is only that short stretch. the ride on the approach to the bridge still looks pretty good and it still looks pretty good brother. there are still some approaches and looking at your commute at the san mateo bridge which is what you can see here it moves well. no problem set on highway 84 highway 92 that is a pretty good ride. so it'll be an easy trip
6:33 am
across the tape stand in both directions. the golden gate bridge in marin county is problem free and so course is right here, it is quite unusual. there's no father in the bridge and it is very much an inevitable here. for your trip on highway 80 west bound and pass have a for there's no back up yet, no delay. as you head towards the shore. mark? >> we're going on to our big story right now. the shooting of the fremont police officer. he is sane said the ago waiting to be extra bases. he is caught at the mexican border they're preparing to bring him back and reggie kumar has more on the charges he is facing. 20 rolls is being charged with two counts
6:34 am
of killing a police officer and grand theft auto. he also faces violence and insulting the mother of his child. this is video of him after he was arrested on saturday. he had been on the run after shooting and seriously injuring fremont police officer on friday. they developed several texas and they knew he was heading for the mexico border so they asked the border to shut down the u.s.- mexico border. the san diego police sergeant was patrolling the highway it clear the last hired when he saw the bluebird. he saw the thunderbird and he found that it was similar in appearance to a man who was in the shooting. he followed the vehicle coming off that freeway and a license plate came back as registered from oakland. they
6:35 am
saw him in the passenger seat. he had a pistol in his waist and it was loaded and the suspect surrendered peacefully. they believe the man that was driving him out was harboring him. oakland investigators have not yet released his name or what his connection is to bari and those at this time. in oakland this is reggie kumar for kron4 news. in mean time chatfremont police officer todd young remains in intensive care his bladder on sunday. young faces additional surgeries in the coming week to repair damage from two gunshot wounds sustained in an alleged shoot- out while serving a warrant in east oakland. three people are now in custody in connection with the shooting, authorities say.san diego police he lost 60 p. of blood. he is listed in critical but stable condition. reportedly he can move his feet and doctors hope he is not paralyzed after
6:36 am
being shot. later on today there should be a news >> dozens of people lined up at the red cross in pleasant hill to donate blood for officer young, this is this scene yesterday. some we people showed up at the weight to give blood was two hours. many of them had affiliation with the police force, relatives and friends. >> the police understand that blood has their own officers, their own family members they have been effective before they want to show support for the police department. >> when richmond a couple years ago lost one of our officers there one of the first agencies that came to support us and here
6:37 am
i am now retired in still reporting them. >> of the suspect is expected in court this week and we'll be following this story and all angles and keeping you up to date on our website. >> to san jose where police were shot and killed in of the potential suicidal man who came after officers with a 10 in. knife. this happened at long island accord. david reportedly told police that he shot himself with a nail gun and that he wanted to die. the officers confronted the man with a knife and the man had a knife and then they shot him. you shot six times and declared dead at the scene. the san jose is also investigating a shooting at a parking lot of two men dead and a woman injured. it happened when two groups ran into each other in a parking area at the 300 block of san antonio court. it is not determined that the shooting was gang-related but no suspects have been arrested. >> it is 6:37 a.m. right now on right out of the gave the date
6:38 am
that all is up by 10 points. temperatures are fairly cool right now let us take a peek. here is on the creek and looking at the wal-mart creek and the traffic is moving nicely.
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labatt is 641 and 6 for the second day in a row of volcano is erupting in indonesia. it is afforded the and evacuation of 41,000 people some airplanes aren't diverted because of his ability and villagers living along the slope are headed to the emergency shelters and vermont. this volcano erupted over 400 years ago and a lot of observers and do not know the pattern to their modern-day yet closely for the activity. the largest airline group in mexico has been grounded because of money problems. mexican and that aviation has been shut down
6:42 am
indefinitely. this has left customers stranded. they said that they were hit hard by the swine flu outbreak last year and is scared away travelers for months. the bad economy and fuel costs contributed it to the loss. there'd point to try and restructure and regrouped and right now they are flying to 65 national and international locations >> north korea is lashing out at correa for blocking out youtube accounts. they were improving relations and not twitter and youtube are being bolstered for the warfare against korea and the u.s.. they blocked both accounts trimming access in the south for containing a legal information and going against the security laws. information will come back on them by to see if the band on blackberry cercis
6:43 am
in indiana nanotechnology the home secretary says that the intelligent officials are going to discuss blackberry it security issues and discussed the tale of the top. they're going to determine whether 1 million blackberry users in india will be able to use their blackberries after tomorrow. in the >> 6:43 a.m. and we'll be back with more in just a few minutes. taking a look at the golden gate bridge is checking this see if any fog rolls in, no! it's all clear.
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6:46 a.m. and we're back. keeping an eye on wall street and numbers are down the dow is now down by 10 points and nasdaq is down about three tenths of a point and it is down about half a point now. earlier we've
6:47 am
reported consumer spending had retired last month people are more focused on friday's jobs report which is considered to be the most economic data of the month. keeping in mind on tax dollars apple is up and so is h pete so it is a mixed day of monks technology in the bay. the area? >> thank you james of the 647 right now we're following the latest in the shooting of the fremont police officer todd young he remains in intensive care but stable. will change is at the hospital right now monitoring his condition and he is giving us updates throughout the morning and in the meantime the suspected shooter injured barry and those is in custody this morning in san diego. he was arrested over the weekend just a block from the border in mexico and he is extradited to all more technology. he is basing the shooting of the
6:48 am
officer on friday afternoon. they show us where and how the events unfolded. >> police swarmed the block in east oakland for wanted the gang member had a shot and wounded one of the two fremont officers that came to arrest him. >> he hit the weapon really hard pull the trigger and had the officer twice. the >> suspects got away. 20 year- old andrew is a five-foot it hispanic man that ways and that's 240 lbs.. he has a tattoo on his forearms. he was wanted for violence and to let the mother of his child. he resisted arrest and shot the officer and then ran around to a liquor store where he tried to carjack to different customers and the second time he succeeded. meanwhile the officer was going surgery. they think he is part
6:49 am
of the joint task force that works with these people. >> he works with the drug dealers and the gang bangers and he is even more dangerous. still >> the fremont police chief was stunned. >> in 19 years this is the first officer that has been shot since i've been chief. >> i'm jonathan blum for kron4 news. >> we'll deal to follow the latest developments today an economic is check out our website is well. >> there's a lot of traffic and send another let us first get a look at the temperature. >> and as a cool day to day here is the fog. this is a shot of the san mateo bridge, the temperature is 72 degrees it should get up to 60 degrees and sunny to raise back up to the 8:00 hour on elsewhere the temperatures are in the '50s and a few forties' out there. it is
6:50 am
about the same and have fun the upper 50s and oakland every of 57 degrees in hayward looking at to monday being about 43 degrees. it is not warming up to much, the temperatures will be staying in the '50s and '60s and i mean time we should see a few 60s and a few 70's as well. the high temperatures today, just looking at the l it shows the '70s and '80s. there are no 80s or 90s today so will feel a little bit cool but is it is not much different than yesterday. it is 76 years and now the and a low 60 degrees down the peninsula. we're keeping it in the '70s for redwood city and helped so it is right around 74 also in the '70s is fremont and upper 60s and oakland and berkeley. over into the inland spots were looking at several months valley to be about 68 to grace and a warmer spots are going towards pittsburgh and
6:51 am
livermore or rehearsing temperatures up in the upper 70's. it is 77 in campbell enter seven day around the bay continues to warm up each day towards midweek that they're still looks to be the warmest day this week for upper 90s in the inland spots as low 80s round the bay mid-60s and the coast. that is second on traffic with george. >> thank you, we're still looking at a quieter commute around the bay area the 580 is still building the not really delayed and the highway for ride is still heavy as traffic is the slowest to drive right through downtown into up for west bound commute. here at the bay bridge metering lights have just been activated and we have not seen any incidents that we have been watching a steady buildup of the west bound traffic, it is back down all day to the east parking lot but not quite a in you can see the 80 ran for a starting to back of just, it's starting to back up but it in the west and direction. from here i'm going to take you to will migrate to
6:52 am
surely the drive on the 680 in the set the direction and you can see a pretty good to me on the way here, about the south fun ride which is the same direction in to the ramon valley and we hardly ever see any delays so you will not see any problems here. but we should mention that for highway 24 in the west bound direction as he passed through the tunnel if you get onto ashby avenue and take a 13 dec said to-be avenue to get into downtown berkeley the ramp will be closed over the weekend. it has been reopened this morning but it has been moved below bit farther to give merging traffic a better opportunity to take the exit. >> thank you george, news around the bay doors to torras sent to the hospital when a double decker bus collided with a car. here's the scene it happened yesterday on broadway and battery, at the police say the woman and the man that or injured were sitting upstairs and they suffered neck and rib
6:53 am
injuries. the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. >> there is an accident, on a flip camera happened saturday afternoon on play in stockton in san francisco's chinatown and one of the buy it bus passengers were helping a wheelchair positive get off the bus but the door got stuck at the bus then rolled backwards then hit another bus those behind it. two people suffered minor injuries and one on the other bus and then one on the outside suffered injuries. this is the scene after the buses are removed the boxes were left on the ground and there are some mailboxes that were badly damaged as well you can see them being fixed rate here. >> we'll be right back when the kron4 news news continues until 11:00 a.m.. we're looking at san francisco through the mount tam can wear the warm-up is starting to kick in, it will really kick
6:54 am
in starting the week. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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chile and box office in first place we have the it horror movie the last exorcisms. it was a low-budget film that made more than $21 million this weekend. we have the takers where it and officer goes off out bank robber and swimming into third place is the expendable spirit it is an action thriller and made $10 million pushing its domestic total more than 80 million. a 656 of we'll be right back with more were disappointed take a look at the city hall building will there's a lot of sunshine. will be right back.
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coming up on 7:00 for the kron4 news morning. top stories following are fremont police officer who is conti


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